Our commitment is to provide our clients with the best possible cruise tour experience through the safety and security of fully hosted group travel.

The Senior Cruise Tour was established in 1995. The Cruise Groups department provides the discerning traveler with a ‘worry free' custom cruise tour experience. There are always 2 tour managers provided with each cruise tour, with one having a background as a Registered Nurse.

From the very beginning, we have offered ‘Home Pickup' and always spend 2 or 3 nights in the major city at or near the port of departure, to allow for a unique and exciting start to your cruise experience. Clients have enjoyed ‘No Luggage Handling' when traveling by Deluxe Motor coach to such destinations as New York City, Washington, New Orleans and Boston before cruising to destinations such as, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Canada and New England. For those destinations that have required flying, clients have enjoyed the Mediterranean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Hawaii and Baltic Regions of the world, with minimal luggage handling. The Cruise Groups Department is always researching and planning unique cruise tour experiences that can not be bought ‘off the shelf'. This results in a custom holiday that will be a delight for sharing with friends, relatives or neighbours for years to come.



There are a number of travel companies offering ‘hosted group travel', which will offer some details in a brochure and simply say “call and book”. However, we feel that in order for our clients to make a fully informed decision on any cruise tour, they should have an opportunity to be presented with all the details. We feel that this is especially important for those who are new to the cruising experience, or who may not be familiar with who we are and what we are offering.

In addition to the information included on our website on each of the cruises, we have always offered a “Full and Detailed Presentation with No Obligation or Pressure” for each and every cruise tour offered. It is an opportunity for you the client to come and see us in person and ask any questions you might have. It entails approximately 2 hours with a coffee break about half way through. As well, it provides new clients with a chance to meet our repeat clients and talk directly to them for their candid opinions about what we offer and why they choose to travel with us. We are also happy to provide to all those interested a 2 page colour brochure, which details all the information about each cruise.


Each cruise tour starts with a Bon Voyage Party approximately 2 weeks prior to the departure date, where clients receive their travel documents. All details are covered and last minute questions answered. This also provides an opportunity for everyone to meet all the others who will be traveling together, and there is always a special “Bon Voyage Cake” to enjoy.


We offer washroom equipped Deluxe Coach travel from various towns and cities in Eastern Ontario, with the well respected Kingston charter company "McCoy Transportation". We are able to make coach driver requests, so many of our repeat clients are welcomed back by drivers that they have come to know. This is a small but enjoyable feature that our clients have come to enjoy.


Clients enjoy either 4 or 5 star hotels for all of our overnight stays in the various cities prior to the cruise tours. When selecting the hotels, we hold them to the high standard that we expect on behalf of our clients, in keeping with our mission to provide the ultimate travel experience. Wherever possible, we select hotel locations that are conveniently located downtown and closest to all activities.


Our clients enjoy a cruise experience 2nd to none. We select 4, 5 and 6 star cruise ships because it is our belief, and our repeat clients would agree, that by spending a little bit more on the cruise, it truly provides the best value in product, service and overall experience. Please visit our current and upcoming cruise tours to see which cruise lines we have selected.


Yes, you will travel in a group environment. The pre-cruise will be somewhat structured to enable you to get the most enjoyment out of the sights and sounds of the port of departure. However, once on board the cruise ship you can set your own pace and decide how much or how little you wish to do. There are only two events that will be planned for the group on board the ship and these two events are tied together.

The first is always a Complimentary Group Cocktail Party and the second is a short Group Photo session. In all our fifteen years, we have never missed a client in a group photo because everyone turns up for the free cocktails. All clients will receive a complimentary photo album which will include the group photo to keep as a souvenir about 1 month after returning.


About a week after you return from your cruise tour you will receive in the mail an Evaluation Form. We ask clients, if they wish, to remain anonymous and to be as candid a possible when filling out the form. We do endeavour to provide the best possible cruise tour experience, however we are not perfect, so this evaluation form provides us with insight into how we can enhance our product and service from the client prospective.


Along with the above mentioned Evaluation Form, you will receive an invitation to a Complimentary Luncheon. This will take place approximately 4 weeks after returning from your cruise tour. At the luncheon, you can reunite with your fellow passengers and enjoy the camaraderie that you shared with them while on the cruise. This provides a chance to bring your own photos to share, swap, trade or give away. You will also receive your copy of the complimentary photo album. If you are unable to attend your copy will be mailed to you.

On a personal note

We at “Senior Cruise Tours” sincerely endeavour to offer a Custom Cruise Tour that you cannot simply purchase “off the shelf”. We spend considerable time researching, planning and quite often traveling to destinations to check them out. It is our goal to provide our clients with a most unique and one of a kind travel experience each and every time. If you have traveled with us before, “Welcome Back” and if it is your first time, “Welcome Aboard”.

Wishing you all the greatest of travel experiences.


Ray Molleson, M.C.C.
Cruise Groups Coordinator

Ray Molleson,
M.C.C., Owner/Senior Cruise Tours

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Lynda Molleson, Reg. Nurse Retired & Cruise Group Asst. Tour Manager

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Start your journey with our Exclusive “Home Pick-up”. We provide this feature with all of our cruise groups. You will be courteously transferred from your residence to the waiting Deluxe Motor Coach by way of taxi or limousine depending on the service available in your area.


With our “No Flying” cruise tours we offer “No Luggage Handling” for our clients, right from your doorstep through to returning.

Otherwise all luggage is handled throughout the cruise tour. Our clients rave about this along with the “Home Pick-up” feature.


We always offer a comprehensive pre-cruise experience. A number of companies will arrive at the cruise port and offer possibly a quick city tour then have clients board the ship. Sometimes they will simply arrive at the ship and board then do a city tour at the end of the cruise and head home. We always provide a 2 or 3 night stay along with a city tour followed by some free time and evening entertainment. This enhances and offers more pleasure and value as well as a great “led in” to the cruising experience.


Wherever possible we offer ‘all meals included' with a few exceptions such as at airports or breakfast only on the clients ‘free day'. We like to provide more upscale or different unique dining experiences.

With all respect to the various chain restaurants, for our “on the road” meals we research and offer more intimate dining experiences. Sometimes it might be a country Inn or a ‘just off the beaten track' unique, one of a kind restaurant. For the major cities where 2 or 3 nights are spent we seek out at least one unique restaurant for “dining out” besides the hotel where the group stays.


Your tour managers are on hand and available, whenever possible, 24 hours of the day. You will always be provided with their hotel room number and their stateroom number on board the ship.

In most cases they will greet you almost every evening at dinner to see if your day has been a pleasant one or to address any concerns that you might have. They are there to ensure that any challenges that you may encounter will be handled to your satisfaction, providing you with a “hassle free” holiday. Now of course, if you wish an extra pillow at midnight please call housekeeping.

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