These past two years have been challenging for all of us in the travel industry. In regards to Senior Cruise Tours and the challenges of the Covid Pandemic related to the travel business, I have decided in all good conscience related to the safety and protection of all my clients to take a hiatus from offering any cruise group travel for 2022. Therefore, I must resign from my association with Expedia Cruises Kingston office as of Tuesday January 4th. I appreciate your understand with this decision. So, until we meet again in better years ahead, stay safe, healthy and happy.


Ray Molleson, M.C.C.
Owner-Senior Cruise Tours

Lynda Molleson, Reg. Nurse Retired & Cruise Group Asst. Tour Manager


Check back with us in 2023 for all future cruise tours. May all your travels be safe and healthy.

Referral Rewards for You! We would like to provide our repeat clients who are currently booked or new clients that are booked, with an opportunity to be rewarded when they share any of our cruise tour information and a booking results from this sharing.

Introducing our Single Share Option Program. From time to time we have clients who are traveling single but would like to save the single supplement (100% hotel fare and related costs). We do offer a program that may match you up with another single (of the same sex).

Let us know what your dream cruise vacation is. If we have enough response then we can plan a cruise tour group around it. If you would like to “do it on your own” we can make all your independent travel plans for you. Fill out our quick online survey and so we can help you make your dream cruise become a reality. There is no obligation.
Trip Planner


Start your journey with our Exclusive “Home Pick-up”. We provide this feature with all of our cruise groups. You will be courteously transferred from your residence to the waiting Deluxe Motor Coach by way of taxi or limousine depending on the service available in your area.


With our “No Flying” cruise tours we offer “No Luggage Handling” for our clients, right from your doorstep through to returning.

Otherwise all luggage is handled throughout the cruise tour. Our clients rave about this along with the “Home Pick-up” feature.


We always offer a comprehensive pre-cruise experience. A number of companies will arrive at the cruise port and offer possibly a quick city tour then have clients board the ship. Sometimes they will simply arrive at the ship and board then do a city tour at the end of the cruise and head home. We always provide a 2 or 3 night stay along with a city tour followed by some free time and evening entertainment. This enhances and offers more pleasure and value as well as a great “led in” to the cruising experience.


Wherever possible we offer ‘all meals included' with a few exceptions such as at airports or breakfast only on the clients ‘free day'. We like to provide more upscale or different unique dining experiences.

With all respect to the various chain restaurants, for our “on the road” meals we research and offer more intimate dining experiences. Sometimes it might be a country Inn or a ‘just off the beaten track' unique, one of a kind restaurant. For the major cities where 2 or 3 nights are spent we seek out at least one unique restaurant for “dining out” besides the hotel where the group stays.


Your tour managers are on hand and available, whenever possible, 24 hours of the day. You will always be provided with their hotel room number and their stateroom number on board the ship.

In most cases they will greet you almost every evening at dinner to see if your day has been a pleasant one or to address any concerns that you might have. They are there to ensure that any challenges that you may encounter will be handled to your satisfaction, providing you with a “hassle free” holiday. Now of course, if you wish an extra pillow at midnight please call housekeeping.

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* Home pickup throughout Eastern Ontario. Outside of
this region Home Pickup available at an additional cost.
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